The Big Sun Scholarship 2023 – Apply Now

Big Sun Scholarship – For students that are active in athletics, there is the Big Sun Scholarship programme.

BigSun is prepared to help your education if you participated in sports while in high school or are now enrolled in them.

This award is open to students that participate in sports such as football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and race running. The $500 reward will be utilised for education costs.

I’ll explain how to apply for the BigSun Scholarship and all of its conditions as you continue reading. After reading, if you still feel disqualified, look into other active undergraduate scholarship programmes.

The Big Sun : Scholarship Introduction

The Big Sun is an athletic organisation committed to helping young student-athletes by making sure they learn and achieve academic and physical excellence.

The organization’s goal is to provide community-wide programmes for all sports that will keep kids active, inspired, and aware of the importance of collaboration.

Why you should submit a Big Sun Scholarship application

By submitting an application, you can reduce part of your education fees. Big Sun is a programme that will not only provide cash assistance but also guarantee that you are prepared to achieve greatness in the future.

In addition to being intellectually outstanding, sports are currently among the highest paid professions.

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Apply for this scholarship as a stepping stone to the top if you think you have what it takes to succeed in athletics.

Who is eligible to apply for the Big Sun Scholarship?

Regardless of the sport they play or the level at which they compete, all student athletes are eligible for this award. However, the student must be a senior in high school or enrolled in a postsecondary institution.

The Big Sun Scholarship Educational Programmes

There are no requirements for this scholarship regarding your course length or subject of study. Students that participate in athletics are eligible to join. Winners will get a one-time payment from the company since Big Sun isn’t fully funded.

Requirements For The Big Sun Scholarship

It is a requirement for applicants to participate in sports.

either a senior in high school or a student at an institution of higher learning.

The Big Sun Scholarship Application Processes

Students who are qualified and interested must complete the following steps to apply for the BigSun Scholarship programme:

Answer the following questions in a brief essay (500–1000 words): –

1. How did your involvement in athletics while you were a high school student affect you?

2. Has your involvement affected your career aspirations?

3. Has your participation changed the way you interact with your family?

Emailing your essay to will allow you to submit it to BigSun.

Make sure your application includes your name and the name of the school you are attending before sending it in. $500 is the award amount (non-renewable).

Deadline for the BigSun Scholarship 2023

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is June 19, 2023. Before the deadline, all interested students are required to have submitted their applications. Applications submitted after the cutoff date are rejected. Don’t worry, you can try again the following year if you don’t get accepted this time.

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Within two weeks following the deadline, the winner(s) will be contacted, and at that time, their names will be displayed on the organization’s website. Within two weeks of the closing date, your prize will be mailed to you if you are chosen as the winner.


Sports participation has many positive health effects. While striving to get good grades in school, it is beneficial to keep your body and mind in shape. In order to encourage and help young student athletes like you, the BigSun organisation is here.

More than 13 students have received scholarships through this programme over the past eight years, and it is still giving them out. Try again next year if you don’t succeed this year! Take advantage of this chance to make $500 more money.

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