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10 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities In 2022

Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities – Nowadays, it’s exceedingly difficult to find a well-paying job. One should aim for the  Best Paying Jobs In Public in public utilities  if they want to have a good career with growth and stability.

This article will explain some of the highest-paying positions held by public utility corporations and look into the factors that contribute to their significance.

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

1. Water Engineer
2. Pipeline Inspector
3. Utilities Manager
4. Power Systems Engineer
5. Radiation Engineer
6. Nuclear Licensing Engineer
7. Energy Auditor
8. Gas Controller
9. Power Plant Engineer
10. Substation Engineer

How To Become A Public Utilities Worker

To Work in the Utility Sector, a utility worker must have excellent mechanical abilities as well as the necessary degrees or licenses. Depending on the specifics of your employment, this vocation has different educational and training needs.

Nevertheless, you normally require a GED or high school graduation. A vocational degree or successful completion of a lengthy apprenticeship program are prerequisites for some jobs.

A college certificate or associate degree is required for water utility workers, whereas some electrical line workers must undergo an apprenticeship.

The majority of employment also demand a current driver’s license. You could require a commercial driver’s license for some jobs (CDL).

Application Processes For Public Utilities Jobs

You must first finish an application process to work in public utilities. You can go through this procedure by submitting your CV and application form online, stopping by a career center, or going to one of the many job fairs that are hosted all year round.

You will receive an invitation to a job interview after submitting your application.

You will be questioned about your credentials and prior work experience in public utilities during this interview. If you are successful in the interview, you will subsequently be given a job with the public utilities firm.

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10 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

1. Water Engineer

Water engineers are required to design, construct, and maintain water supply and wastewater treatment facilities. They could also be involved in planning and managing water resources. For water engineers, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a closely related field is frequently necessary.

Average Annual Salary: Water engineers in the United States typically make $96,820 a year in compensation. Typically, salaries range from $59,820 to $153,200.

2. Power Plant Engineer

The day-to-day management of power plants is the responsibility of power plant engineers. They make sure that all systems are operating properly and keep an eye on performance to make sure they’re operating as efficiently as possible.

Engineers at power plants could also be in charge of supervising any necessary renovations or upkeep. To enhance overall performance, this could entail anything from upgrading obsolete equipment to adding new safety features.

Average Annual Salary : $95,000

3. Radiation Engineer

A radiation engineer’s responsibilities include running experiments to test and assess the effects of radiation in various contexts. They must execute tests in an experimental setting and then provide theoretical analysis based on those results.

The functioning of systems, equipment, or networks both before and after radiation exposure is a common area of interest for those in this profession.

A radiation engineer may make recommendations for layouts, components, and designs that satisfy specifications for functioning at realistic radiation levels while summarizing their findings.

Salary Range : From $73,000 — $123,000

4. Power Systems Engineer

The energy sector employs power systems engineers. You might work for a wind power company to assess transmission viability, or you might design, assess, and manage the electrical power distribution system for a utility company or substations.

You might also do electric metering in this line of work. To improve a power system’s efficiency and assist the company for which you work in achieving its given goals, you typically work on all of its components.

As you assist the project manager in choosing the ideal places for new utility projects like wind turbines or substations, you also have duties and obligations in project development. You choose the ideal positions for controls within these areas as a power systems engineer.

Payscale: $88,500-$127,500 yearly

Highest Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

5. Pipeline Controller

A pipeline controller typically works in an electricity plant, a fuel facility, or an oil refinery. Depending on the type of facility where he or she is employed, controlling the drift of oil, natural fuel, or other substances is one of his or her primary activity responsibilities.

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As a pipeline controller, you can see and regulate how pipeline structures work.

You check pipes for leaks, ensure that liquid natural gas or oil is flowing continuously, organize emergency responses when issues are found, and keep a record of significant occurrences.

Yearly Payment — $94,900

6. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

One of your duties as a nuclear licensing engineer is to support a nuclear energy plant’s licensing and regulatory requirements while making sure all systems and equipment are operating as they should.

To adopt new codes and keep the business in compliance with regulatory requirements, you collaborate closely with regulatory staff and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Assuring that all technical requirements are met also entails drafting design and licensing documentation, safety analysis reports, and regulatory assessments.

Pay Range: $68,700 to $148,900 Per Annum

7. Energy Auditor

Energy auditor determine the energy consumption in each area or system by visually inspecting buildings and related systems, such as mechanical, electrical, and process systems.

Collects field data on energy use using a range of equipment, such as air velocity monitors or digital thermometers, and then analyzes the findings.

According to, the salary range for an Energy Auditor normally ranges from $45,040 to $55,973, with an average salary of $50,690 as of July 26, 2022.

Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

8. Gas Controller

Gas controller collaborate with gas and oil firms as a gas controller to prevent big issues from happening, watch live pipeline pressure data, and recognize and respond to aberrant flow volume and emergency readings. You can alter the temperature, pressure, and flow rate in gas chambers.

Salary: In the United States, GAS Controller makes an average of $90,538 per year.

9. Substation Engineer

Substation engineers create schematics in collaboration with the project team and other stakeholders. They also create power substation design plans.

A substation engineer’s duties also include creating design drawings and other documentation, determining the appropriate cables and conduits for each substation, facilitating tasks using engineering application software, and coordinating efforts with team members.

Yearly Payment : $91,000 – $118,000 year

10. Utilities Manager

Public utility managers undertake audits to ensure that customers and companies receive services at the most affordable price. You oversee organizations that provide vital services to residents of a city, town, or region, such as water treatment plants, energy plants, and telecommunications firms.

Salary : shows that the average salary earned by a public utility manager is $89,665 yearly.

FAQ : About Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

What Is Public Utility?

Any firm that offers the general public basic services like power, water, or transportation is known as a public utility.

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The government frequently regulates public utilities, shielding them from competition and ensuring that they give their customers high-quality service.

The public utilities industry offers a variety of positions, such as those for an electrical engineer, a water plant operator, and a transportation planner.

Public utility jobs come with competitive salary and top-notch perks including retirement plans and health insurance. The industry is expanding quickly, in part because of the rising need for these crucial services.

If you’re considering a career in the public utilities industry, be sure to look online for employment openings or get in touch with a recruiting firm in your area.

What Are The Advantages Of Working In Public Utilities?

The advantages of working for a public utility business are numerous. These consist of competitive salary, steady employment, and the chance to work in a demanding industry.

Some of the most dependable and well-paying employers in the nation are public utility corporations.

Public utility employees make $59,000 on average a year, which is more than double what American workers make overall.

Public utility corporations are also frequently regarded as among of the most reliable employers in the nation. This is so because they typically aren’t affected by the same types of economic changes that other businesses are.

Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

What Does Public Utilities Entails?

Electrical energy, natural gas, water, sanitation, waste disposal, recycling, communications, public rail and bus transportation, as well as specific types of storage facilities, such as public warehouses and grain elevators, are among the goods and services offered by the public utility sector.

Best paying jobs in public utilities


Am Proudly sure that after reading through this great Information; you should be able to know how to search for the best paying jobs in public utilities and apply for the one you’re interested in.

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