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How To Calculate LASU Cut Off Mark And Aggregate 2023

Have you been trying to know exactly how to calculate LASU departmental and aggregate score used to give Admissions?

How To Calculate LASU Departmental Cut-Off Mark

1. Increase your Post-UTME rating by (4) For the 65-year-old man, this becomes (65 * 4 = 260).

2. Increase your JAMB score by the result from number one above.

Therefore, if the subject’s JAMB score is 280, his total will be (260 + 280 = 540).

3. Subtracting (2) from 540 to get the final grade yields 270.

The cutoff score is determined by averaging the UTME and Post UTME results. However, it is still feasible for someone to get in with less than the stated cutoff score.

If the candidate in question is from a state that is regarded as a Catchment Area, then this is conceivable.

How To Determine LASU Aggregate Score

Your O’level results and JAMB score both receive 50% points.

The O’level points are further broken down below.
A1 earns 10 points/marks.
A2/B2 = 9 points/marks.
B3 earns 8 points/marks.
7 points/marks for C4.
6 points/marks for C5.
5 points/marks for C6.

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Let’s now demonstrate how to calculate the LASU aggregate score correctly:

How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score

Step 1: Calculate your UTME Point by dividing your Jamb score by eight.

Step 2: Achieve an O level point of over 50%.

Step 3: Calculate your overall score: You can find your overall score by adding your UTME and O-level points.

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Now let’s get practical.

Assume that you scored 290 on the JAMB and received 4 As and 1 B2 in your five required subjects.

Your LASU aggregate score will be 290/8 (36.25%), according to the UTME.
Point at O-level: 4 As = 40, B2 = 9, totaling 49% Overall grade: 36.25 + 49 = 85.25

You should now be able to calculate your lasu aggregate score accurately.

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