University Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships In 2023

The university Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships are currently available. We will go into great detail regarding this scholarship in this article, along with its advantages and step-by-step instructions for applying.

University Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships

For international students pursuing a PhD, the University of Otago Doctoral Award 2023–2024 is a fully supported scholarship.

This scholarship will cover domestic tuition for 36 months as well as a stipend of NZ$28,600 per year.

About University Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships 2023

For the academic year 2023–2024, the University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships are accepting applications from international students who wish to pursue a PhD at the university in Otago, New Zealand.

The University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships will pay a stipend of NZ$28,600 annually and waive domestic tuition for 36 months (excludes student services fee and insurance).

Candidates pursuing PhD degrees in any of the fields offered by the University of Otago are eligible for the doctoral scholarship.

However, in order to accept the offer and the scholarship at the university, the candidates must fulfil all qualifying requirements.

International Students That Are Eligible For The Scholarships

The following categories of international students’ applications for University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships are now open for decision-making:

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• New Zealand is currently home to international students

• Residents of Australia

• Foreigners with border exemptions studying in New Zealand as vital workers or members of government cohorts that have been given the go-ahead

• International students whose programmes may begin abroad with permission.

Up until the end of July 2022, our doctoral scholarships selection panel will hold monthly sessions to review these submissions.

Who Is Assured Of Receiving The Scholarship?

If you received an Honours or Master’s degree with a suitable research component from a New Zealand university and have a GPA of 8 or better, you are likely to be assured a University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship.

How To Apply For The University Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships 2023

Doctoral scholarship applications are submitted electronically through the eVision portal at any time of the year.

Once you’ve submitted your application for programme admission, you’ll get a notification in your student portal inviting you to submit a scholarship application.

Applications For DClinDent

Once admission to the DClinDent programme has been confirmed, typically in October of the application year, invitations to apply for the University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship will be sent out via eVision.

In the same year, in late November or early December, a decision will be made on the scholarship application.

If you are a second-year student enrolled in the DClinDent programme and have finished the papers year, please contact the Scholarships Office for information on how to apply.

Scholarships At University Of Otago In 2022

• Academic institution: University of Otago
• Masters and PhD levels
• Fully funded for all scholarships
• International nationality is acceptable.
• Recipient nation: New Zealand
• Submission Deadline : Always

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Criteria For Scholarship Eligibility:

1. candidates earning their first Master’s degree
2. any nationality of international students
3. pursuing a Master’s with a thesis
4. Students applying for PhD degrees who want to earn their first doctoral degree

Deadline Date For University Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships 2023

The university Of Otago Doctoral Scholarships has no actual deadline date and this is because the scholarship is open through out the whole year for students to Apply


If you wish to apply for doctoral scholarship programs , consider that of university of Otago Doctoral Scholarships and thank me later.

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